1. работа, действие; срабатывание
2. режим <работы>
3. операция
4. эксплуатация <по назначению>; применение авиации
5. управление, пилотирование <ЛА>
6. полет
7. боевые действия; бой; сражение
4-D operations
aeronautical operations
air refuelling operation
air-cargo operations
air-to-air operations
airborne operation
aircraft operation
aircraft operations
airdrop operations
airfield operations
airline operation
airmobile operations
airport surface operations
airship operations
all-cargo operations
amphibious operations
antiarmor operations
augmented power operation
backside operation
battle-damaged runway operations
BDR operation
BDR runway operations
blue water operation
business flying operations
cargo operations
cargo-carrying operations
carrier operations
casevac operations
Category II operations
commercial operations
commuter operations
control law operation
coupled operation
cruise operations
daylight operations
decoupled operation
degraded mode operation
differential operation
domestic operations
dry power operation
emergency operation
extended-range operation
eyes out the cockpit operation
failure operation
feathering operation
field operations
firefighting operation
fixed-base operation
flight operation
flight refuelling operation
free-deck operations
full-attention operations
ground-air-ground operation
hands-on-throttle-and-stick operation
head-down operation
head-up operation
helicopter operation
helicopter operations
helicopter-based minesweeping operations
high-power operation
HOTAS operation
hover operation
hub operations
hub-and-spoke operation
IFR operations
instrument flight operations
jet operation
jetborne operations
long range operations
low-level operations
low-speed operation
medevac operations
medium-altitude operations
medium-level operations
mine countermeasures operations
nap-of-the-earth operations
neutral backside operation
nonreversing operation
nonafterburning operation
off-base operations
offshore operations
oil rig operations
paratroop operations
partial power operation
passenger carrying operations
postattack operations
pursuit operation
recovery operation
refuelling operation
repair operations
rough airfield operations
round-the-clock operations
sea-based operations
shipboard operation
shore-based operations
short range operations
short-field operations
short-haul operations
shuttle-type operations
single-engine operation
single-engined operation
single-pilot operation
single-seat operation
slingload operations
stall-free operation
STO operation
STOL operations
STOLport operations
STOVL operations
sub-zero operations
tailwind operation
takeoff operation
takeoff and landing operations
three-crew operation
tilt-rotor operations
tracking operations
trimmed operation
trouble-free operation
twin-engined operation
twin-jet operations
two-crew operation
two-pilot operation
two-shift operation
ultralight operations
unfeathering operation
unrestricted operation
utility operations
vector operations
vertical operation
vertical operations
winter operations
zero-zero operation

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